Saturday, March 23, 2013

Top Eleven Football Manager Review

Sunday, September 9, 2012

What is your favorite facebook game?

Hello everyone, this time I have for you another interesting thing. It is not new game review, but it is something you will like I just found. Take this survey about what is your favorite facebook game and you will get Zynga gift card.

Friday, April 27, 2012

How to get facebook credits for free

If you play facebook games a lot you know that even the best facebook games are much better fun if you can invest some money in it. Facebook games are designed that way, because except some advertisement space in games the only way how facebook games makes money to developers of these games are money you spend on special items and similar stuff.
There is great way how to get facebook credits for free and especially if you are from US or other western country also fast way. It is called points 2 shop and in fact you can get there even "real" stuff like electronics and so.
Check it out HERE.

Thursday, April 26, 2012



Diablo 3 wallpapers.. release date is getting closer

I know this is blog about facebook games, but sometimes when it is something important I inform about stuff that is not only about games on facebook. This is another such case. Relase of Diablo 3 15th May is definetely the biggest thing this year when it comes to computer games.
Diablo 3, how long we have been waiting for this game? Ten years? No in fact it is even longer. Almost 12 years! That is one of the reasons why I hate Blizzard so much. It is true that they make good games, but waiting 12 years? That is really stupid. I'm sure that the game is complete for at least two years now, but they decided to release it now, because it probably means more money. In word of computer games are 12 years just ages, some of the future players of Diablo 3 were very likely not even born back then. "Normal" company that is developing computer games would now probably be releasing Diablo 7 or 8, but that is just Blizzard.
Well, I'm still happy that the game is finally coming and I'm really looking forward to it. Great is that you can pre order it now for better price, on amazon they have really great pre order price, in fact I have not seen better anywhere else yet, so check it out.