Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lucky Space

Rating: 7/10


Sunday, July 10, 2011


This game is really cool and it will be one of the best facebook games because there are not only personal goals in this game, but also goal for whole civilization, that means goal you can achieve together with other nations in your civilization.

Well, we are on facebook and that means that social aspects of games must be also strong, so you cna chat with all other players, you can send them resources and so. Another thing that makes this game different from classic Civilization is that it is for casual player. It is still very complex game, but it really is more similar than normal "offline" Civilization. that means that in this game you can also find minigames that makes it even much bigger fun. There are three minigames, I will not write here about those minigames, they are very simple and does not need any description, I like Well, it is still much more complex then other facebook games and even after many hours of playing I have still not tried everything.

This review could very very long, because this game is so awesome and so complex, but I want to keep my reviews here short. No one really likes long articles, right? Enough of words, go there and play CivWorld, the best facebook game of 2011 and probably ever!

Rating 10/10

Monday, July 4, 2011

Web is not only for playing facebook games

I know that you are here because you ar looking for some of the best facebook games, but this time I have for you something different and I thik that sometimes when you find something you have not been searching for might be very interesting.
If you are here and you are looking for some of the top facebook apps you can play that it means you probably spend of your time online playing games. Well, there are much more things you can do on web instead of wasting your time playing facebook games.
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As I mentioned there are huge amount of these books and it is hard to choose one, but if take a look at this link to amazon, you will see how popular this book is and how many positive reviews and reactions there are. I'm sure that in 2011 there is and there will be no better book about internet marketing, so stop wasting your time on facebook games and make some real money online :)